AiAi in Super Monkey Ball


Aiai is a monkey and the main character of Super Monkey Ball. He is the husband of Meemee, father of Baby, and friend of Gongon.

Aiai in the Mushroom IdolEdit

Originally from Jungle Island (an island located, according to Mario, in the Banana Ocean), Aiai traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom during the events of Mushroom Idol, where he auditioned for the show and the only reason he was picked was because Peach said he was cute. Aiai is one of the playable characters in the game and available from the start.

Aiai Then and NowEdit

In the upcoming Baby Mario Bros., Aiai has been revealed to be one of the non-playable babies to appear in the game. Here he appears not much different than he usually looks, but has an orange snow cap and a black scarf with the letter "A" on it. His role in the game is relatively minor, although he does play a significant part in some parts of the game. Baby Daisy has revealed to have a crush on him (to which Aiai is oblivious).