Mario Football League: Super Bowl Smackdown! (Mario and Friends: NFL Adventure 3! in Europe) will be the third game in the Mario Football League series, released in 2011, and for the Wii system.


One day when Mario is watching NFL, he gets an idea to play in the Super Bowl with real NFL teams. After calling up his friends, Mario enters a portal in Professor E. Gadd's Lab to the Real World, and the game begins.


Unlike previous Mario Football League games, Super Bowl Smackdown includes real NFL players, and no main antagonists. The characters who are playable in the game include:

    • Mario (All-around)
    • Luigi (All-around)
    • Yoshi (All-around)
    • Toad (All-around)
    • Peach (Technique)
    • Daisy (Technique)
    • Toadette (Technique)
    • Birdo (Technique)
    • Dry Bowser (Technique)
    • Bowser (Power)
    • Donkey Kong (Power)
    • Wario (Power)
    • Waluigi (Power)
    • Baby Mario (Speedy)
    • Baby Luigi (Speedy)
    • Koopa Troopa (Speedy)
    • Diddy Kong (Speedy)
    • Bowser Jr. (Speedy)

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Debuting in Super Mario Football League, and removed in Mario Football League: Touchdown Tramua!, the unlockable characters in this game are actual NFL players, and are listed below:

    • Eli Manning (All-around, complete Time Attack Level 1 under 55 seconds)
    • Steve Smith (All-around, play in at least 5 games)
    • Guy Whimper (All-around, win at least 10 games)
    • Keith Brooking (Technique, complete Time Attack Level 2 under 50 seconds)
    • Mike Bush (Technique, win at least 15 games)
    • Jared Cook (Power, complete Time Attack Level 3 under 40 seconds)
    • Peyton Manning (Speedy, complete Adventure Mode 100%)