The North American boxart of the game.

Mario Party Compilations: Handheld Edition is the fourth installment of the Mario Party Compilations series, released in July 2018 on the 3DS. It features all of the handheld installments in the series thus far with the exception of Mario Party E+ (although its minigames are included) and is the first handheld installment in the series.

List of GamesEdit


  • The ports of Mario Party Advance and Mario Party DS have a few minor changes made to accomodate the games being on 3DS. The ports are mostly based on the Wii U Virtual Console versions, so all changes featured in those versions apply here such as the addition of Konami to the copyright of both games due to Konami's purchase of Hudson Soft in 2012.
  • The port of Mario Party: Island Tour fixes a glitch where if the player lands on a Lucky Space in Bowser's Peculiar Peak and gets launched to a space occupied by another player, they would clip through each other, so that the players no longer clip through each other when this happens.
  • This game has the most games included of any Mario Party Compilations title, with 5 (technically 6 due to Mario Party E+'s minigames being included) games total.
  • Mario Party E+ was intended to be included, but was ultimately scrapped due to problems emulating the E-Reader's gameplay. The minigames, however, are included as a bonus feature.