Mario Party Compilations: Nintendo GameCube is the second installment of the Mario Party Compilations series. It was released for the Wii in 2010 and features all of the Mario Party games released on the GameCube. It utilizes the GameCube controller for all 4 games.

List of GamesEdit


  • The port of Mario Party 7 has a minor edit made to remove an offensive line from Toadsworth, who says "What a crafty bugger!" in Grand Canal. As the word "bugger" is considered offensive in the United Kingdom, the line is changed to "What a crafty trickster!" instead.
  • In the port of Mario Party 5, Bowser and Donkey Kong are now available from the start in Super Duel Mode, while Beach Volley Folley now uses Toad, Boo, and Koopa Kid's animations from Mario Party 5 as opposed to their Mario Party 4 animations.
  • Wario's shirt is now short-sleeved in the port of Mario Party 4, similar to the other three games. In the original version, he wore his original long-sleeved shirt.