Mario Party Retro Tour is a Mario Party game that was released for the Wii in January 2013. It features different boards from previous Mario Parties and plenty of minigames. Nd Cube returns to work on this title, having worked on Mario Party 9 and Mario Party: Island Tour.

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Mario Party Retro Tour features many different characters from Mario Parties past, as well as some new characters that must be unlocked before they can be played as.

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  • 1 — The character is playable only in Minigame Mode.


Mario Party Retro Tour features several boards from past Mario Parties.

Board Name Description
MP1 MarioRCmap Mario's Rainbow Castle A returning board from Mario Party 1, this was Mario's home board, heavily based on Super Mario 64. The main feature of this board is that the location of the Star does not change each time a player receives one. Instead, it is always located on the main tower of the map. Each time a player does receive a Star, however, the tower rotates, revealing Dry Bowser. When the player reaches the tower while Dry Bowser is there, he charges 40 coins for a Ztar. This does not add to the star count. The tower can also be rotated by any player landing on a Happening Space.
Western Land map Western Land A returning, western-themed board from Mario Party 2. The main gimmick of this board is Steamer, who runs along the perimeter of the board. Players who want to ride Steamer have to pay a fee of five Coins at a toll. While riding Steamer, the player riding Steamer will hit a block, assigning what direction Steamer should move – either forward or backward. Steamer will move on his own if a player lands on a Happening Space. Any player hit by Steamer will be sent back to Start. There is a milk shop run by Flutter. When a player passes her, she will ask if the player wants to have a Hootenanny. Should the player accept the offer, the player will pay a fee of twenty Coins, and all players will be summoned to the milk shop.
WoodyWoods MP3 Woody Woods A returning, forest-themed board from Mario Party 3. The most prominent event on this board is the arrows that are in three of the junctions in the forest. Whenever a player passes such junction, then the player is forced to walk that way. At the end of every turn, Monty Mole will change the direction of all the arrows on the board. A way for players to manipulate the arrows is to pass by one of his army-like huts and pay him five Coins for him to flip all arrows on the board. Another way for players to manipulate the arrows is to land on a Happening Space that is placed directly before a junction with an arrow. This will only flip the arrow in front of the player. The host of this board is Woody. When a player lands on the Happening Spaces in front of him, a player is given five seconds to choose from either a Plus Coin Fruit(which will give the player five Coins), or a Super Block Fruit(which will make the player roll the Dice Block, only from 1 to 15). This also happens when a player lands on a Happening Space at Mean Woody. He will make the player choose from one of these two fruits: a Minus Coin Fruit, which will take away five Coins from the player; or a Reverse Block Fruit, which makes the player roll a Dice Block and go in reverse.
MP4 ShyGuy'sJungleJam Shy Guy's Jungle Jam A returning, jungle-themed board from Mario Party 4, this was Shy Guy's board, heavily based on Indiana Jones. The goal for this board is for the players to get to Fly Guy; he is the host of this board. Notable parts of this board are the Shy Guy mountain and Klepto the condor. If a player lands on a Happening Space that is located in front of a Shy Guy statue, the statue will ask for the player to make either a happy wish, or to make a sad wish. If the statue finds the wish to its enjoyment, it will change the board in any way; however, if the wish is not to the statue's liking, it will flood the river, splitting the board into two parts for three turns. When a player passes by Klepto (who is in the top-left corner part of the board), he will ask the player if he or she wants to pay five Coins to him for him to take the player to the bottom-right corner of the map. While he is taking the player to the destined location, the player can steer with the Control Stick to grab coins that are in the air(and from an eruption from the volcano if it erupts).
Futuredream Future Dream A returning, space-themed board from Mario Party 5. Divided into three platforms, the only way to travel about the station is by teleportation devices, rocket ships, or shortcuts. The ? Spaces on the central platform are next to three rocket ships. Players could use these if they landed on the spaces. Each rocket took players to either the left or right platforms' landing pads. There is a rocket ship game on the left station that can be played only if a player lands on the corresponding ? Space. While playing this, one controls the levitation of his or her ships to try and collect coins from the UFOs. Two more ? Spaces on a robot's arms on the right platform activate a slot machine. If played skillfully, players may earn special capsules by lining up the slots. A Mushroom Capsule is the consolation prize. Finally, the ? Spaces next to the taxi ships on the left and right platforms allow players ride from one station to the other for a ten coins fee. Players can also use the floating platform on the left or right stations as a small shortcut.
GGday E. Gadd's Garage A returning, factory-themed board from Mario Party 6, this was E. Gadd's home board, heavily based on Luigi's Mansion. Players must move across this board and try to get to a randomly placed star first. Once the star has been bought for 20 coins, the star moves to another location. There are many gadgets and machines to experiment with in this board, such as teleporters, fans, conveyor belts, and a machine that converts orbs into other orbs or turns them into coins.
Neon Heights - Mario Party 7 Neon Heights A returning, New York City-themed board from Mario Party 7. At the top of the board is the rocket ship. When players land on the Green Space in front of it, a Fly Guy comes asking if they want to "shoot for the stars". Accepting lets the player pump fuel into the rocket until time is called. Then, the player enters the ship, and starts to travel upward into the starry sky, collecting coins along the way, and possibly even a Star if they make it to the top. Landing on the Green Space in the middle of the board. Here, a Fly Guy lets players play a matching game, where they have to match as many panels as they could before they miss to get coins. Matching all the panels makes Fly Guy award the player with a Star, but if they picked the Dry Bowser panel, Flyy Guy reluctantly took 10 coins away from them. The Green Space near the Mario statue makes an UFO come and scramble the locations of the chests.
DKTT DK's Towering Treetop A returning, DK-themed board from Mario Party 8, this was Donkey Kong's home board, heavily based on Donkey Kong Country. Players move across this board to get a star in a random location in this board. Stars always cost 20 coins each, and whenever a player obtains the star on the board, another star warps to a different location. Landing on a Funky space in this board causes Funky Kong to throw the player directly towards the Star and landing on a Dry Bowser space will cause the star to warp to a different location.
MPDSLibraryBoard Kamek's Library A returning, horror-themed board from Mario Party DS, this was Kamek's home board. On this board there are three magic jars to find. The player will need to pay 10 coins to open a magic jar. One contains a star, one 5 coins and the other sends them back to start. This is completely random and will change once someone finds the star.
MP9 Bowser Station Bowser Station A returning, Bowser-themed board from Mario Party 9, this was Bowser's home board. A Jackpot Machine here will increase in Mini Stars if a Captain lands on a Jackpot+ Space. If the Jackpot Machine happens to have 20 or more Mini Stars, a Jackpot Minigame will commence. Oddly enough, this stage has no actual hazards.


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