Razmanian Metal

Raz as he appears in Mario and Luigi: The Mushroom Kingdom Turned Upside Down.

Razmanian Metal (Also called Big Raz, Tough as Nails, or just Raz), is a character in Mario and Luigi: The Mushroom Kingdom Turned Upside Down. He is the engineer of the Kalimari Desert Express, the train that runs through Kalamari Desert. As his name suggests, he is tough as metal, and won't give up the Star Bit he's guarding without a fight.


Raz attacks by spinning around, trying to knock out the Mario Bros. However, this gets himself dizzy, leaving him vulnerable to attack his weak spot: a heart-shaped tattoo on his right arm. After 3 hits, Raz is down for the count, allowing the Mario Bros. to claim the Star Bit he was guarding. Raz later appears at the end of the game, celebrating the Mario Bros. victory over Dark Bowser.

Mario Kart: 2 Times The Mayhem!Edit

Raz appears as an unlockable character in Mario Kart: 2 Times The Mayhem!. His partner is Alissa the Rabbit and his kart is the Raz-Mobile. Raz, along with Alissa and the Raz-Mobile, is unlocked by beating 200cc Leaf Cup and then beating him and Alissa in a race at Raz-Mania, his home course. Raz is a heavyweight, and as such, pushes lighter karts around easily.