Vicarious Visions Logo

The company's logo as of 2017.

Vicarious Visions is an American video game developer based in Albany, New York that was founded in 1990. They are most well known for developing several entries in the Crash Bandicoot series as well as assisting in the development of Activision's Skylanders series, whose fifth installment, Superchargers, featured Donkey Kong and Bowser as playable characters. The company was chosen by Nintendo to develop the Super Mario Retro Tetralogy and its sequel, Super Mario 3D Saga, for the Nintendo Switch.

List of Mario games developed by Vicarious VisionsEdit

  • Skylanders: Superchargers (2015)
  • Skylanders: Imaginators (2016/2017)
  • Super Mario Retro Tetralogy (2018)
  • Super Mario 3D Saga (2019)